The Strength After Breast Cancer program is an evidence-based rehabilitative exercise program for breast cancer survivors. The Strength ABC program is based on the Physical Activity and Lymphoedema (PAL) Trial which assessed the safety and efficacy of slowly progressive weightlifting for breast cancer survivors with or at risk for lymphoedema. 

What were the outcomes?:

  • decreased lymphoedema exacerbations by 50%; 
  • decreased the onset of lymphoedema by 70%; 
  • improved body composition, body image, and upper body symptoms;
  • preventing the decline in physical function that is observed to occur in breast cancer survivors.
  • decreased fatigue
  • improved bone density

What is the SABC Program?
Strength After Breast Cancer (SABC) is a series of exercise classes for any woman who has undergone treatment for breast cancer. It is a safe and evidence based program for women who are at risk for getting lymphoedema or have stable lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment.

What's Involved?

  • Initial assessment of posture, strength, range of motion, screening for lymphoedema, body composition scan, scar tissue assessment
  • Stretching program: total body flexibility and range of movement that is safe, guided and progressive after surgery
  • Strengthening program: progressive weights program for upper and lower body
  • Core exercise program: incorporating breath and stability for a strong foundation
  • Program manual: outlining all stretches and exercises to allow for continuation at home or gym

Claimable through private health fund and with a GP EPC/CDM plan